Frequent Asked Questions
1. Will AirNav VFR run on my computer?
YES. AirNav VFR does not need a powerful computer. You just need to have Windows 98 or later. It runs on all versions of Windows, including Vista and Windows 7. Although Vista and Windows 7 no longer supports .HLP Help files (!)
The amount of Hard Disk space depends on how many map packs you use. One map pack is about 80 MegaBytes but the whole package can be 2.0+ GigaBytes (which is not much today!).
It can even run on an old Pentium 1.

2. What are the different AirNav VFR packages?
The difference between the AirNav VFR packages is which maps are included. There are 5 map packs that cover Australia.
The AirNav VFR Standard Pack includes 1 free map pack for the area you live in. The AirNav VFR Premium Pack includes all 5 VFR map packs for all Australia. The program is the same for both.
We also have an IFR map pack which includes all TACs, ERC-High and Low and all the IFR waypoints.

3. What about the GPS in-flight Moving Map?
You can also buy the optional in-flight GPS moving map option, which turns your AirNav VFR program into a moving map for the ultimate in-flight situational awareness.
You can read more about it HERE.

4. What's in a 'map pack'?
A map pack contains all the VFR maps for one area in Australia. This includes all the WACs, VTCs, VNCs, and ERCs. You can see the contents of each map pack HERE. The IFR map pack contains all the IFR maps for Australia.

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5. Are the maps current and how are they updated?
Sentient Software only sells AirNav VFR with the current maps at the time of purchase. We get the maps and data directly from Airservices Australia and create a new CD every 6 months. Old CDs are scrapped.
Buyers have the option to subscribe to regular updates every 6 months. Subscription is optional and you can cancel at any time. However, it is an Airservices Australia requirement that the program does not allow you to access expired VTCs, VNCs and ERCs, so subscription is highly recommended.

6. How do I pay for the subscription updates?
Subscriptions are only charged when we actually send you the CD. We send you a new CD every 6 months. You can choose to pay by cheque or we can automatically debit your credit card. If you have not chosen to subscribe, or your credit card details have expired, we will send you a reminder letter and email at the next subscription cycle.

7. Can I run AirNav VFR on a PDA, such as a Palm Pilot or iPaq?
No, AirNav VFR requires Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, which means you need a PC, laptop or Car-computer to run AirNav.

8. Where can I find more help and advice on AirNav VFR
For more help and advice browse our on-line forum for articles on a broad range of topics on AirNan VFR.