AirNav GPS Frequent Asked Questions
1. How is the AirNav GPS powered?
The AirNav GPS has a built in LI-battery. In tests it has lasted up to 3 hours with GPS turned on.

2. Does the GPS need an antenna?
The AirNav GPS itself is a one piece unit; there is no external antenna.

3. What maps are loaded onto the AirNav GPS
All Australian WAC, VNC and VTC maps are pre-loaded onto the GPS.

4. Are Airfield loaded onto the AirNav GPS to be used as waypoints?
Yes, Australian airfields are pre-loaded on to the GPS unit.

5. In flight can I choose a waypoint to fly to next?
You can press the waypoint button in flight and it will bring up the closest airfields in your area i.e. "GOTO".

6. Can I create a flight plan on the AirNav GPS?
You can plan a full flight on the GPS however it is far easier to pre-plan on AirNav Flight Planner PC.

7. How many flight plans can I save to the AirNav GPS?
Many flight plans can be stored on the GPS 2GB Micro SD card.

8. How do I transfer my completed AirNav VFR Flight Plan on PC to the AirNav GPS?
To transfer a flight plan to the GPS, connect the AirNav GPS via the USB cord provided to your PC and open AirNav Flight Planner. After creating a flight plan, in the checklist window there is a button to “Upload to GPS”. Click that button and save your file to your GPS "data" file.

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9. What orientation is the map displayed?
You may select either "track up" or "north up" map orientation.

10. Can you choose to reverse you planned track?
Yes, you can reverse a route direction.

11. Can the AirNav GPS detect Airspace or terrain?
There are no Airspace or Terrain warnings.

12. Does the AirNav GPS show your altitude?
The GPS shows your Altitude.

13. What is the dimension of the actual unit?
Unit dimensions are 7in long and 4.2inch high. The unit is under half 1/2in thick, Screen size is 7 inches on a diagonal.

14. What are the contents of the AirNav GPS?
Contents below
  • 12/24v cigarette style charger.
  • AC charger.
  • USB data cable.
  • Snap on sunshade to reduce sun glare.
  • Windscreen adjustable suction cup mount.
  • User Manual.