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AirNav VFR
12-20-2012, 11:00 AM
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Airnav VFR

The only flight planner that allows you to point-and-click on the official Airservices Australia's maps to plan flights.

AirNav VFR is the ultimate Australian PC flight planner for both VFR and IFR pilots
Plan your flights on digitised versions of the official Airservices maps
AirNav VFR calculates all your flight plan details
Prints your plan details including all radio frequencies automatically generated.
Load your AirNav route into your GPS or activate AirNav's optional GPS in-flight Moving map feature.

Only AirNav VFR has the Airservices Australia maps and aeronautical data, fully-licenced and supplied directly by Airservices Data management group.

Plan your flights

AirNav VFR is the fast, easy and legal way to do flight planning. Create your own aircraft from our list of over 120 standard aircraft.

Then point and click to enter your route. AirNav will insert NAIPS winds, calculate all your headings, fuel and times and then print out all the documents you want or need. (You can print all your maps on A4 or any size at any scale)

Direct your flights

AirNav VFR can generate the official ADFN (Australian Domestic Flight Notification) or submit your plan via NAIPS. Or no plan at all if you don't want to file one!

You can use the unique flight schedule generated by AirNav VFR to direct your flight effortlessly. All your COMM frequencies for CTAFs, TWRs, MBZs, FIA are inserted, as well as your Navaids (VOR/NDB), etc.

All this information is presented chronologically so you can just sit back and fly by the numbers. It makes flights through complex airspace easy. Also visit our Moving Maps page for information on a glass cockpit.


There are two types of licenses users can choose from:

Multi-user Licence
A Multi-user licence is aimed at companies and flying clubs who would like to allow staff/members access to the software. This licence allows for installation of the software on 1 computer or server. The AirNav software on that computer can then be accessed by staff/members within the company environment.

Single-user Licence A Single-user licence only allows use of the software by the licence holder and their immediate family. Single-users can install and run AirNav on 2 computers (or 3 if the user has the GPS Moving Map feature) that the licence holder owns and uses. Installation on a company/club computer or server for use by others is not permitted.
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