Sentient Software AirNav GPS
  • 7 inch touch-screen with full colour display.
  • Includes all Australian VTC, VNC and WAC charts, fully licenced from AirServices Australia.
  • Load flight plans created by AirNav VFR Flight Planner.
  • Enhances your situational awareness in VFR flight.
  • Thousdands of Australian Waypoints.
AirNav GPS promptly shows your current position on the most detailed AirServices Australia Map.

WAC charts are “stitched” together so you get a smooth transition between WAC charts (no overlapping).

Simply tap “Waypoints” to receive a list of the closest Airfields in your current position.

Zoom out to see a full map of Australia and use the stylus to pinpoint a location you would like to go to.

Load pre-made flight plans form AirNav PC Flight Planner in forward track or reverse track modes.

A detachable sun visor to assist in the protection from sun glare.

Bundle Option Available
AirNav GPS + AirNav PC Standard Flight Planner for $399. Saving of $145

AirNav GPS + AirNav PC Premium Flight Planner for $449. Saving of $225